Platform Solutions is the leader in turn-key hoist and scaffolding solutions in the Greater New York Area. Our team is well-versed with all the complexities and challenges of NYC construction.


We know how
to build in
New York

We know how to build in the most complex urban environments. Our expertise in equipment application paired with advanced methods of installation allows us to deliver for your success



Decades of Construction knowhow

Established in 2018 as a full-service union scaffold & hoisting contractor, operating within the Greater New York Area, Platform Solutions offers a full range of turnkey services, from pre-con design solutions, concepts and budgets, building code analysis to final install, maintenance and round the clock service. With decades of experience in our ranks, we know all too well that project service and responsiveness are the essential ingredients in the New York construction arena. This philosophy has resulted in over $150 million client contracts to date.


We are builders

Jerry McCarthy and Chauncey Collins form the executive leadership team at Platform Solutions. Both bring decades of knowledge and experience to a dynamic group of professionals, along with strategic partnerships. As the most proficient builders and makers in the industry, Platform Solutions provides your projects with tailor made management teams